Repair Cafe Wales opens & supports repair cafés across Wales.

We are a Community Interest Company that facilitates pop-up events, offering training and advice to encourage communities that want to work towards a more Circular Economy, creating a culture of repair and re-use, directly addressing the ever growing emergency of unsustainable growth in landfill and waste.

Our Vision

‘A society empowered to work together to reduce waste, share skills, and strengthen our communities’

Our Mission

We recognise that the shift of humanity into a throw-away society is not a sustainable one.

Committed to facilitating the opening of repair cafés in every town, village, city and suburb in Wales, we are focusing our energies on nurturing a cleaner, more sustainable world whilst our communities are inclusive and safe environments for people of all ages and backgrounds to share knowledge, skills, and to generally connect.

Our communities repair toasters, rebuild coffee tables and repurpose jeans or dresses, we restore confidence, we reskill those who want to learn, and we remind ourselves of the importance of communication, cooperation and community spirit.

The social and environmental benefits of Repair Cafe Wales are evidenced in the growing levels of local demand to launch repair cafés.

This response reflects increasing public concern over the climate emergency and positively indicates a motivation amongst our society to come together and take practical steps towards a solution.

We are working for our communities to influence standards for goods and government policy, collecting data from our community hubs, and helping to inform policy decisions that promote a greener, more sustainable world.

History of Repair Cafe Wales

How we’re funded

How a Repair Café Works

Mission and impact

Our Values

Waste Reduction

Repair cafés help household items be used for longer rather than throwing them away. This reduces the volume of raw materials and energy needed to make new products. It cuts CO2 emissions by reusing instead of manufacturing new products.

Sharing Skills

By promoting a repairing culture and inviting each one of our visitors to sit with a volunteer repairer, repair cafés show appreciation for the people who have practical knowledge and ensure these valuable skills are getting passed on.

Community Cohesion

Repair cafés promote social cohesion in the community by connecting local residents from very different backgrounds and with different motives with each other through an inspiring and low-key event.

Repair Cafe Wales Board

We have a very far ranging board, each who bring their own expertise and experience to help grow Repair Cafe Wales.

Joe O’Mahoney

Joe O’Mahoney

Co-Founder & Chair

Cerys Jones

Co-Founder & Company Secretary

John McCrory


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Steve Iwanski


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Ceri Davies


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Tom Sinclair




We work closely with the organisations below in a number of ways including co-hosting events, fixing / donating / borrowing items, mentoring, managing time credit schemes, analysing repair data, upskilling individuals, hosting repair cafés, providing volunteering opportunities and working together to promote the ‘make do and mend’ culture.