What happens at a repair café?

When you arrive with an item for repair, one of our hosts will ask you to complete a repair form. We track the items brought into repair cafés and the information is used for the repair community in general and to understand which items have the same consistent issues which will allow us to take the information back to the manufacturer for improvement.

How it works...
  • Depending on the time you turn up and the number of volunteer repairers that are available, there could be a short wait before a relevant repairer is available. We do our best to keep this waiting time to a minimum, but this gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy a drink and a snack whilst chatting to fellow local residents.

  • When a relevant repairer is available, you are invited to sit with them, watch the repair taking place and even assist with it if you so wish (many do). The repairer will always explain what is happening so it’s also a chance for you to learn and pick up some new practical skills.
  • The repairer may suggest a part is required in order to complete the repair. If this is the case, you will be given the exact part number and approximate cost, so you are able to search online or in a shop, purchase the part, and return to another repair café with your item and the new part. If your item is electrical, it is most likely to be relevant to our PAT testing procedure and needs to be tested before leaving the venue.

  • If your item is irreparable the reasons for this will be explained and advice given on the safest and easiest way to dispose of it. Depending on the policy of the individual repair café that you are visiting, they may utilise the item for future repairs by using it for spare parts so please ask one of the hosts if this service is available.

Why volunteer at a repair café?

Although some of our volunteers are experts, many are simply people who like fixing and tinkering. Others (like the founders!) aren’t practical at all but can organise; help with administration; or staff the front desk.

Can you fix things?

Each month, Repair Cafe Wales volunteers fix things that would otherwise be thrown away. In doing so, they help save the environment, share skills with people that need things fixed, and meet like-minded people.

Can you repair / fix:
  • Clothing / Textile

  • Bicycles

  • Toys

  • Electrical Appliances

  • Furniture / Wooden Object

  • Electronics

  • PCs / Laptops

  • Jewellery

Help Repair Cafe Wales reach more communities!


Not good at fixing?

We welcome people who can meet and greet at the events – matching what needs to be fixed with the right fixer and general admin.

Could this be YOU?
  • Sign up as a volunteer? Contact us outlining how you could help and your preferred location(s). We rely completely on our volunteers, and without them, none of this would happen.

  • We pride ourselves on providing a safe, community space, where anyone will feel at home.

  • In the words of one of our longest serving volunteers, ‘good people doing good things’.


Here at Repair Cafe Wales, we are committed to spreading repair culture to other communities and appreciate the benefits of connecting with other organisations. Contact us if you are interested in collaborating on a project or learning more about how to start a repair café in your area.

Corporate Sponsorship

If the repair café movement reflects your organisation’s sustainable values, a Repair Café Wales Works event is no better way to motivate, engage and encourage positive behaviours amongst your staff. And recognise the team’s hard work throughout the year.

Repair Café Wales Works

Support Us

Repair Cafe Wales is a not for profit organisation which faces many costs. For example, we pay for insurance, consumables (fuses, thread, wire etc), training, project management, tools and marketing.

We rely on grants and visitor donations to meet all these costs!

Promote the repair culture across Wales!

Your donation will fund the opening of repair cafés, sustain existing repair cafés, provide more skill sharing opportunities and create warm and inclusive spaces for people to connect with one another.

Any little helps so do please support us if you can.