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  • Please note that risk assessments should be completed by every Repair Cafe venue.

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Risk Assessment Form


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  • Hazard(equipment)What could happen?Who could be hurt?Action taken to  minimise  risk and [ by whom ]
    LaddersPeople using ladders to erect & take-down bunting, banner,etc could fall off, which could cause serious injury ordeath.VolunteersA safe and appropriate ladder to be used [H&S Monitor] Anyone using a ladder should do so with appropriate care with a second person holding the ladder steady [H&S Monitor, all Volunteers]
    Power leads to each table for lights and electrical equipmentTrailing power leads could cause trips, leading to injury.VolunteersVisitorsThe power lead and socket provision to be planned in advance by the designated Power Cablers having being provided by the H&S Monitor with a diagram of the planned positioning of tables and equipment, with the aim of minimising the length of trailing leads across floors from walls to tables  [Power Cablers, H&SMonitor] Ensure that multiway extension leads are securely taped totables Trailing leads across floors are taped down or otherwisesecured [Power Cablers, H&S Monitor]
    Electrical equipment required for making repairs, including power tools, sewing machines, cables and desk lightsFaulty appliances could give electric shock, which could cause serious injury or death.Volunteers VisitorsEnsure that all items of electrical equipment required for making repairs are safe to use by checking in advance that all power cabling, and any electrical equipment owned by the Repair Café, including the desk lights, have labels certifying in-date PAT tests Advise all Fixers bringing their own electrical equipment that PATtests are necessary and to arrive in good time if they need them done on the day Carry out PAT tests on all uncertified equipment before it is pluggedin [PAT Tester, H&S Monitor, all Fixers] Ensure that the power cabling includes an RCCB (Residual Current Circuit Breaker) [Power Cablers]
    Electrical equipment brought to the Repair Café for repairFaulty appliances could give electric shock, which could cause serious injury or death.Volunteers VisitorsEnsure that electrical items brought for repair are not plugged in without first being checked for safety by designated electrical fixers Carry out PAT test on any electrical item that has been repaired [PAT Tester]
    Drills and sawsDrills and saws could slip while in use, causing injury to the user or other person(s)Volunteers VisitorsEnsure thatdrills and saws are supervised at all times by designatedFixers Items to be drilled or sawed are suitably secured to a sturdysupport e.g. a portable workbench (‘workmate’) [H&S Monitor, all Fixers using or supervising drills and saws]
    Sewing machine(s)Clothing e.g. loose sleeves, long hair or fingers could get trapped in the machine, which could cause injuryVolunteers VisitorsEnsure thatsewing machines are supervised at all times by designatedFixers Sewing machines are switched off if not inuse Long hair/loose sleeves to be kept out of the wayappropriately [H&S Monitor, sewing Fixers]
    Sharp tools, including  s cissors, knives, planes and chiselsPeople could cut themselves or othersVolunteers VisitorsEnsure that sharp toolsare supervised at all times by designatedFixers and stored safely when not inuse [H&S Monitor, all Fixers]
    Equipment that gets hot including glue guns and soldering ironsPeople could be burnt by touching equipment that is hot, which can cause serious injury  Fire can be started if asoldering iron touches a flammable material, which can cause burns, smoke inhalation,serious injury anddeathVolunteers VisitorsEnsure that each piece of equipment that gets hotis supervised at all times and only used by a designatedFixer Provide a secure support out of reach of visitors when not inuse Have a prominent HEAT warning signnearby Only useon a non-flammable tray / worksurface [H&S Monitor, all Fixers] Ensure that all volunteers are briefed on the event’s fire drill, before the start of each event [H&S Monitor, all Volunteers] Ensure that the first aider is alerted in case of any burns, and takes a decision on whether medical attention is required [First Aider] Ensure that all accidents are recorded for the Risk Assessment review [First Aider, H&S Monitor]
    Equipment that generates naked flame, including welders, blow torches,  Bunsen  burners,  candles, matches , and lightersPeople could be burnt by naked flames, which can cause serious injury Fire could be started if the flames ignite a flammable material leading to smoke inhalation, serious injury or deathVolunteers VisitorsEnsure thatno welders or blow torches areused All Fixers consult the H&S Monitor in advance if they wish to usesmall flames (e.g. from small Bunsen burners, candles, matches or lighters) in their repairs Repairs requiring small flames are carried out on a non-flammable tray / work surface, protected from draughts and out of reach ofvisitors [H&S Monitor, all Fixers] Ensure that the venue staff go through the venue’s fire drill with all volunteersbeforethestartofeachevent [H&S Monitor, all Volunteers]
    Broken items and items with sharp edgesPeople could injure themselves handling broken glass or china, unprotected spikes, etc.Volunteers VisitorsEnsure that the first aider is alerted in case of any accident, and takes a decision on whether medical attention is required [First Aider] Ensure that all accidents are recorded for the Risk Assessment review [First Aider, H&S Monitor] Ensure that thick gloves, brush and dustpan are available for clearing up shards [H&S Monitor]
    Hot and cold drinksSpillage of hot drinks could lead to scalds Spillage of hot or cold drinks could cause damage to equipment Liquid spillage on the floor could cause fallsVolunteers VisitorsOnly designated hot drinks people allowed in thekitchen Hot water to be dispensed from anurn Care to be taken when carrying hotdrinks Drinks to be placed where they are unlikely to be knockedover All spills to be cleaned upimmediately Any electrical equipment that gets wet to be unplugged and notused until it has dried out and been checked by a competentperson [H&S Monitor, all Fixers, all Volunteers]
    KettlesBoiling water could cause scaldsAnyone in kitchen areaThe kettles must not be carried away from the work surface whenfull of hot water Volunteers to be informed ofrisk [Repair Café Lead]
    GlueGlues can contain chemicals that can be harmful if they come into contact with skin or are inhaled or ingested Glues can also cause injury if they adhere too strongly to skin, for example sticking a finger to atableVolunteers VisitorsEnsure thatglues are clearlylabelled,lids are put backon,any required solvents are athand,disposable gloves areavailable and young children do not have access to any glues (with thepossible exception of washable PVA glue at a separate table forchildren) Glues are supervised at all times by designatedFixers [H&S Monitor, all Fixers using or supervising glue]
    DustDust from sawing and drilling etc. can get into people’s eyes, which could cause serious injury or loss of vision, or be inhaled which could lead to respiratory damageVolunteers VisitorsEnsure thatno drilling, sawing etc. likely to generate excessive dust isundertaken Dust masks and safety spectacles areprovided Spectators are warned to keep at a safe distance when dust is likely tobe generated [H&S Monitor, all Fixers using or supervising saws, drills etc.]
    ChildrenChildren could injure themselves or others bycollision or trips or by playing withtools, materials, or items brought for repairVolunteers VisitorsEnsure that visiting children of primary school age or younger are accompanied and supervised at all times by adults who take responsibility for keeping them safe [H&S Monitor, all Fixers] Designated Fixers will decide on a case by case basis whether or not they are willing to supervise or help a child in making a repair [all Fixers]
    People not knowing how to use toolsPeople could injure themselves or others by using the tools wronglyVolunteers VisitorsEnsure that tools are supervised at all times by the designated Fixers [H&S Monitor, all Fixers] Designated Fixers to decide on a case by case basis if they wish to assist or instruct a visitor in the use of a tool. [all Fixers]
    Visitors not knowing what to do when they arrivePeople could injure themselves or others by attempting to make a repair or use the tools without supervision or by plugging in a broken electrical applianceVisitorsEnsure that volunteers are briefed about the process in advance [Repair Café Lead] Ensure that the process is explained to all visitors on arrival at the Repair Cafe [Reception / Host volunteers] Ensure that all designated Fixers wear a Repair Cafe apron for easy identification, and all volunteers wear a badge [all Volunteers] Ensure that everyone keeps a lookout for confused or uncertain visitors and directs them to the reception table [all Volunteers] Ensure that all tables, equipment and electrical sockets are supervised by a designated Fixer at all times [H&S Monitor, all Fixers]
    Dog ownersDog-bites can cause serious injury or infection Barking dogs could cause alarm leading to accident and injury Dog mess could cause falls, injuries or infections Dogs could run into people or cause falls, which could lead to broken limbs or other serious injuriesVolunteersVisitorsNo dogs allowed (except assistance dogs) [H&S Monitor]
    Venue lightingPoor lighting could cause accidents and injury to people using tools Poor lighting could cause eye strain in people working on smallitemsVolunteersVisitorsEnsure that strong desk lights appropriate for the repair activities are available [H&S Monitor, Repair Café Lead]
    Folding tablesFolding tables could collapse if overloaded with heavy equipment or used for hammering etc., which could cause serious injuryVolunteers VisitorsEnsure that folding tables are notoverloaded and that portable workbenches (‘work mates’) are available for hammeringetc. [H&S Monitor, Repair Café Lead]
    FirePeople could become trapped during a fireVolunteers VisitorsEnsure that all volunteers are made aware of the fire exits and thenominated assembly point in the event offire, venue instructions in case of fire arefollowed and fire exits to be kept unobstructed and unlocked when the café isin progress [Repair Café Lead]
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