Start a new Repair Café!

If you would like to start a Repair Café, and are not sure where to start, how about having a quick chat with us? We’ve started or supported 5+ Repair Cafés and have learned from our mistakes, so we can give you help to ensure yours is as hassle-free as possible.

Of course, you’re free to run your Repari Café however you want, but our favourite model is:

  • One Repair Café in a fixed locatioin, once a month for 3-4 hours
  • Finding a cheap, or free, venue by contacting churches, large cafes, community halls or large local organisations
  • Getting volunteers and clients through social media (esp. Facebook, Twitter,,
  • Flyering and using posters for the first two Repair Cafés (we’ve some template posters for you!)
  • Being covered with essential ‘belts and braces’ insurance i.e. product, public and employee insurance (we can provide advice on obtaining this!)
  • Asking for donations on each desk
  • Offering free tea and cake (with a donations box nearby!)
  • Doing a risk assessment before each session (we have a template)
  • PAT testing all repairs that can be plugged in (we have PAT testers you can borrow)

We’ve put together a starter-pack, that you’re free to use (although a donation would also be lovely). Contact us, please, to obtain it.


Do we need to be part of Repair Cafe Wales?

Nope. We’re just here to help if you need us!

What are the benefits of using Repair Cafe Wales?

We’re free! We’ve done it several times. We’ve got several tried and tested templates and lots of expertise you can draw on. We can also often put you in touch with like minded people in your area. In addition, if you join us, we can get you super cheap insurance, advertise you on our website and social media, and we can come along to your first few Repair Cafés to help out.

What’s the deal with insurance?

There are three types of insurance relevant here. Public liability (if a visitor breaks their leg tripping over a wire), employee liability (your volunteers are legally ’employees’ and if they are hurt, you may be liable), product liability (if you fix a toaster and it burns someone’s house down). Some venues will allow you to share their public liability, but many won’t. So we would recommend buying public, employee and product liability insurance.

If you buy this for a single Repair Café, it will cost you over £100, and up to £300. We’ve collected a list of the best quotes here. However, Repair Cafe Wales has insurance which covers all of its Repair Cafés (which cost us about £300). If you become part of us, we just ask for an equal contribution to the insurance we’ve paid (i.e. if we have 10 Repair Cafés, the cost would be £30 each).

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