Starting a Repair Cafe

If you would like to start a Repair Café, and are not sure where to start, how about having a quick chat with us?

Repair Cafe Wales has been starting, running and supporting repair cafés since April 2017 across Wales. Having been through the trial and error stage of setting up our first few repair cafés, we have created a unique tool kit, based on our experience, that will help you not only set up your repair café but ensure it has longevity and a hugely positive impact on your local community.

Of course, you’re free to run your repair café however you wish, but our favourite model is listed here.

Our preferred model:
  • One repair café in a fixed location, once a month, for 3 hours

  • Finding a free, or if necessary, cheap venue by contacting churches, large café, community halls or large local organisations

  • Attracting volunteers and visitors through social media

  • Putting up posters for your repair café events (we have a template poster for you!)

  • Being covered with essential ‘belts and braces’ insurance i.e. product, public and employee insurance (we can provide advice on obtaining this!)

  • Asking for donations at each event

  • Holding your events in a venue that has a café or offering free drinks and snacks if the venue does not have a café (with a donation box nearby!)

  • Doing a risk assessment before each session (we have a template for you!)

  • PAT testing all repairs that can be plugged in (we have a PAT testing policy, can provide free training advice to become PAT test qualified and source a PAT tester on your behalf)

How we can help you!

Here’s a list of things that we will do to help you establish a successful and resilient repair café at the heart of your community.

Success Checklist!
  • How to find volunteers

  • How to keep volunteers engaged
  • A suite of documents to run your events
  • A step-by-step guide for each event

  • How to promote your events
  • What items you need for your events
  • Social media expertise
  • Ongoing support and guidance
  • Announcement templates
  • Event details on our website and social media

  • Insurance advice
  • Policies

  • Consumables & tools advice and sourcing