We have amazing people in the Repair Cafe Wales Family

As part of a series on getting to know our volunteers, we’ve set a series of questions and our amazing volunteers have answered them ‘virtually’ for us.

Next up in the series is Tony, an Organiser and Fixer at Repair Cafe Conwy:


Q. What is your name, which repair café location do you volunteer at and what’s your role / skill? 

Tony Franks – Repair Cafe Conwy – Organiser and Fixer – That’s me on the left of the picture!

Q. Why did you decide to volunteer with Repair Cafe Wales? 

I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, it’s important to keep usable items out of landfill. And to try new cakes.

Q. What do you like best about the repair café? 

The friendly and positive atmosphere and that everyone knows and likes the purpose of it. And the Cakes, obviously!

Q. What is your favourite part of volunteering? 

Meeting new people and meeting up with old friends. And the cakes…

Q. What has been the most challenging item to repair? 

An Art Deco porcelain figure.

Q. What do you think the repair café does for the community? 

Brings people together and empowers people who are tentative about fixing stuff. And gives them cake.

Q. How does the repair café make you feel? 

A glow of pride, but that might be all the cake I’ve eaten!

Q. Would you recommend volunteering for Repair Cafe Wales? 

I definitely would.