Volunteer fixers from Repair Cafe Wales Swansea joined other sustainability groups last weekend (23RD AND 24TH NOVEMBER 2019) at the Green Fayre in the Waterfront Museum. The fit was perfect for Repair Cafe Wales who run monthly events in Swansea city centre; Clydach; and across Wales.  Stalwart volunteer fixers who regularly repair at the Swansea cafes – Caelan, Nicola, Rod, Jacks and Ron (pictured left to right) – mingled with the crowds to share the Repair Cafe ethos of reducing landfill by fixing everyday household items for free.

Jacks Lyndon, who’s been repairing textiles since the first Swansea Repair Cafe in 2018, was enthusiastic in supporting the occasion,  “The Green Fayre is an annual event with the environment and ethics at its heart.  Repair Cafe Wales generated real interest from the visitors, who we hope to see bringing broken things to  future monthly cafes.  And we’re hoping that some of the conversations around Repair Cafe Wales volunteering opportunities, see additional fixers joining our happy band!”