Summer is just around the corner! The sun is getting brighter and the temperature is getting warmer, and this time of year we tend to go through our wardrobes and get our summer clothes out. With this, unfortunately though, comes waste.  


As we sort through our summer clothes from last year, we find clothes that no longer fit, are in need of repair, that we no longer like, or are now ‘out of fashion’. This leads to clothes going to landfill as we make room for new pieces to add to our line-up. The waste caused by our clear-outs can not only be prevented by turning to alternative ways of getting rid of clothes, but by thinking before we throw them away, we can even save ourselves some money.  


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The Problem 


Our collective waste from throwing away our clothes alone is a major environmental issue. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the equivalent of one rubbish truck full of clothes goes to a landfill every second. Other studies have found that this waste adds up to 92 million tonnes of textile waste a year.  


Another problem that is not only contributing further to the number of clothes in our landfills but is also one of the biggest culprits of carbon emissions, is the fast fashion industry. There can be an argument made that as we buy cheaply made products that tear or break easily, they will inevitably be thrown away. Additionally, due to the low price tag and easy access to fast fashion websites, many end up buying more than they need, creating more waste.  


Although this seems like a big problem to tackle all at once, we can each make better choices that will create change! This can all start with this year’s summer clothes clear out. 


Tips For A Better Summer Clear Out  



This is one we have heard time and time again, but reusing is the key to a more sustainable life. When you are going through your clothes before you look to throw anything away, think about when and where you could wear your clothes! When you go to buy something, make sure you aren’t buying anything single-use and get the most out of your items! 



Naturally, reusing also means repairing what you already have! Mending your summer clothes yourself or at one of our Repair Cafes, not only gives your clothes a new life but you can pick up a new skill! You can watch our handy repairers work their magic while learning something new and having your items repaired for free! Our cafes do take donations, although there is no obligation. 

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Whenever you are having a clearout, you should always be thinking of what you can donate, rather than just popping it in a black bin bag. You can easily find your local charity drop-off point to take your used clothes, or, if you are looking to make a bit of money, apps such as Depop and Vinted are a great way to rehome your items, thus reducing waste!  




The best way that we can all tackle fast fashion is by rethinking the way we shop. Instead of buying new, look to go to a local second-hand shop or use a rehoming app! Instead of throwing away your summer clothes that are torn or too big, repair them! Reconsider your purchase before you go to buy it! One great tip is to ask yourself a few questions before buying, like ‘How long will this last?’ or ‘How many times do I plan on wearing this?’.   


Get Involved 


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Author: Becky Greenway  

Becky Greenway is a part-time freelance writer, driven by her passion for sustainability and the environment. Through her words, she weaves narratives that inspire conscious living and promote eco-friendly practices. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of green initiatives, Becky’s work aims to bring awareness and spark change.