Whilst volunteering with us you might have access to personal data about other volunteers or visitors to the Repair Café.

The Data Protection Act 2018 requires that this sort of data be treated in a particular way.

This guidance applies to all volunteers and all personal data held by the Repair Café Wales and its associated Repair Cafés – paper or electronic.

The Code of Practice, detailed below, has been drawn up to help you and Repair Café Wales remain within the law (i.e. the Data Protection Act). If you do not understand the Code, or are uncertain what to do, speak to a Repair Café leader.


  • make sure that you protect visitors’ personal data, including repair forms;
  • respect the wishes of any visitor who does not wish to have their photo taken;
  • make sure that you only give personal data to people who are entitled to receive it;
  • ensure that paper files and records are at all times stored securely and in particular that these are in locked storage overnight and at weekends.


  • disclose confidential information which you have used or seen, to anyone, unless you have permission to do so;
  • look at or access any personal data when you do not need it for your work;
  • use for your own purposes, any personal data held by Repair Café Wales;
  • store personal data anywhere for any purpose except in a location approved by a Repair Café Host;
  • leave personal data un-secure or un-attended.


  • handle and use personal data where this is necessary for you to do your work.


It is your job as a volunteer to ensure that personal data remains CONFIDENTIAL & SECURE. Misuse or unauthorised disclosure of personal data can lead to personal prosecution.