We have some pretty amazing people in the Repair Cafe Wales Family

As part of a new initiative we will be running a series on getting to know our volunteers. We’ve set a series of questions and our amazing volunteers have answered them ‘virtually’ for us.

Next up in the series is Helen from Monmouth.

Q: What is your name, which repair café location do you volunteer at and what’s your role / skill?

A: I’m Helen Levy, part of the Repair Cafe, set up in Monmouth.


Volunteer Helen Wales


Q: Why did you decide to volunteer with Repair Cafe Wales?

A: When I first heard about the creation of a ‘repair cafe’, in Monmouth, I was thrilled.

I’ve been involved with fixing things all my life. I’ve built up loads of experience so my range of skills is vast. I relish any challenge from China restoration to stone walling, and anything in between.

I’m a restorer not a renovator. I enjoy bringing objects back to life; things people love, that would have little meaning to others. Objects returned to pride of place, no longer broken, tucked away safely in a drawer….. ‘waiting for the day’.


Q: What do you enjoy most about a repair café?

A: To be part of a team of like minded people is an amazing experience. Some  projects need additional skills to mine, in order to achieve the end result. Team work with pooled skills is an exciting prospect. I’m not a wood turner or a welder but maybe someone else is!


Q: What does the future hold?

A: Our Repair Cafe in Monmouth will have no bounds. It’s expansion is inevitable, as now, in our present Climate’s predicament, more people are looking to ‘save’ not ‘throw’.

I predict there going to be great success with the Repair Cafe Movement in Wales. Team work will be the spring board to moving forward, to a more acceptable World, with greater awareness with regard to the effects of ‘consumerism’.