We have some pretty amazing people in the Repair Cafe Wales Family

As part of a new initiative we will be running a series on getting to know our volunteers. We’ve set a series of questions and our amazing volunteers have answered them ‘virtually’ for us.

Next up in the series is Steve from Fishguard

Q: What is your name, which repair café location do you volunteer at and what’s your role / skill?

A: Steve. Fishguard and Goodwick Repair Café Pembrokeshire. Organiser Volunteer.


Q: Why did you decide to volunteer with Repair Cafe Wales?

A: We trialed two Repair Café’s on our own back in 2017 and they were so successful we looked at how we could do them on a regular basis and came across Repair Café Wales who had a wealth of knowledge and support.


Repair Cafe Wales Steve

Q: What do you like best about the repair café?

A: The best think I like about the Repair Cafe’s is he challenge of mending lot’s of different thing’s, I never know what is going to come through the door next.


Q: What is your favourite part of volunteering?

A: My favourite part of volunteering is the problem solving with other volunteers – sometimes we get a ‘head scratching’ moment, but by talking in a small group with other repairers we almost always overcome the problem.


Q: What has been the most challenging item to repair?

A: The most challenging item I have had to repair was a small electronic drum machine that had an intermittent fault.


Q: What do you think the repair café does for the community?

A: Repair Café’s bring communities together and make them more resilient, there should be one in every town!


Q: Have you gained any skills from the experience?

A: A lot of skills and knowledge has come flooding back to me from a previous life as electronics engineer and I have enjoyed sharing my skills with other volunteers.


Q: How does the repair café make you feel?

A: It’s very tiring but so rewarding and I would certainly recommend volunteering for Repair Café Wales as we can connect with other volunteers at the touch of a button and always ask other volunteers around Wales any tricky queries we may have.