Repair Café Wales speaking at CIWM Resource Conference Cymru on 18 March 2020

We are delighted to be invited by the leading professional body for resource and waste professionals, the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) to share the excellent community-driven work of Repair Café volunteers on 18 March at Sophia Gardens Cricket Ground, Cardiff.  We plan to make policy makers, thought leaders and industry experts aware of the innovative part repair cafes play in the future of the circular economy in Wales. #ciwmresource20

The grassroots movement – how Repair Café Wales is mending our disposable culture

Wales is recognised as one of the top countries in the world for recycling, is leading the way towards a circular economy and continues to be at the forefront of circular innovation, both nationally and beyond.  In a presentation called ‘The grassroots movement – how Repair Café Wales (RCW) is mending our disposable culture’ we’ll explain how we’ve achieved to work together in overcoming challenges and seizing new opportunities to create a thriving repair movement.

Volunteer efforts make a real difference

The demand for Welsh Repair Cafes has seen free monthly events grow from 1 to 27 since April 2017 – a clear indication of the unmet need to ‘make things last’.  Volunteer efforts make a real difference, contributing to less waste going to landfill and carbon savings for future generations. Repair Café Wales plan to convince the 140-strong audience of waste management influencers and decision-makers how capacity building and community empowerment complements circular economy action at a wider level.  Our free, Repair Café events acting as a grass roots mechanism to influence and encourage positive behaviours.

A copy of the presentation will be available form 19 March 2020. Email to request a copy.